Jumaat, 3 September 2010


in the heat of the finght i walked away ignoring words that you were saying,trying to make me stay i said "this time i've had enough"
and you've called a thousand time.but i'm not picking up
cause i'm so mad i might tell you that it over,but if you look a little
all i really want is you to stand outside my window throwing pebbles
screaming,"i'm in love with you"wait there in the pouring rain,come
back for more and don't you leave cause i know all i need is on the
                                    other side of the door...
 me and my stupit pride are sitting here alone going through the
photographs,staring at the phone i keep going back over things we both said and remember the slamming door and all the things that i misread so babe if you know everthing,tell me why you couldn't see
 when i left i wanted you to chase after me....

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